DS exciting adventure

So ds (the rockstar) flew out of here on Sunday morning (stayed with band member Saturday as he knew the party would go on late & no sleep) to Nashville, Tenneessee. I keep hoping maybe that will change their tune to country, but I know it won't. They are going for a week and going to www.darkhorserecording.com. You really should check this place out. It is soooo cool looking & the boys were so excited to be going. What an opportunity! So I haven't spoken to him yet, but we are texting back and forth (recording is intensive and time consuming). Said it was cold with lots of exclamation marks. Said it was rainy and muddy. Said the place is huge & so much stuff to do there. Then he text me and says its snowing!!! Woohoo for a south florida boy. We are totally jealous now. And now he's sending me text messages about who their fill in drummer is...it's so cool for him to expereince this! We are very very jealous, but much more proud of him & the others for working this hard. Ok, I really need to run & get ready for work. Everyone have a great day!


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