Coca-cola coupons

which are rare! Found these back in the soda aisle last night when I stopped to get dh some diet coke (he hasn't had any in quite a while) Across top (8x11 paper, landscape) in red back ground says "Enjoy $6 in savings!" Coca cola product (3 12 pks or multi pack bottles) save $1.00 Nestea 12 pck .5 ltr, save $1.00 Betty Cocker 2 pouch potatoes , save $1.00 Tyson Cornish Game hens, save $1.00 Tyson Appetizers, 1 bag or 2 boxes, save $1.00 Betty Crocker 2 Cookie Mixes, save $1.00 Now if we could just get soda below $4 a 12 pk. The bottles go on sale much cheaper as do the mini size cans and bottles. AND if the potatoes would go on sale B1G1F I'd be happy too!


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