Boat Parade Party

Was a huge success. I think the highlight of the evening for hubby was when my best friend called her marine copy and he docked and brought 4 other marine guys with him. They chowed down & enjoyed the company and then said it was time to go when they saw all the flashing blue lights go by (end of the parade). They said the fun officially started then, being sarcastic! But it was fun and different to see them. I can just imagine what they must have thought about all the trashed adults at 10pm. Yes, there was quite a bit of drinking involved that night. So much so that I think I may swear off ever ever doing another shot of anything. We had patron. We had Kettle One Citron. We had beer. I did not have any Jack or rum, thank you very much. Pulled sleeper sofa out for best friend. Other friend & her friend crashed in guest room. This was all around 3:30 or so am. The tv was on & dh said Sopranos was on. Really? Didn’t see that. Sunday was a totally wasted day. Friends left & didn’t even know it! Such a waste. Literally. In bed til 4:30pm. Then to couch til 7pm. Then back to bed. Managed to eat ½ cup soup & a little water. Finally around 6:30 ate some ice cream. That was good. Never. Ever. Again. Food was pretty much wiped out. No meatballs. No mac & cheese. Still have half ham (which I divided up & froze ¾ last night). No lasagna. Some chicken wings, bean dip, spinach dip, pica di gallo (whatever the heck it’s called), and a few other odds & ends. Oh. Baked beans. Lots of them (hubby thinks he feeds an army). But plenty of leftover mish mash to make it through the week, I’d say. See my next post on self imposed spending limit. So, all in all, I would say another boat parade success. I just think I was a horribly hostess in the end. Keep wondering if there is anyone I need to make apologies to. I’m sure not, but still, not a good feeling.


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