Weekend in Review (and it's not over yet!)

Whew. It's been a busy one for me. DH had his bday Friday, so ds was worried about poppy's evening meal. In other words, where are taking him to for dinner? Ha. Ended up going down the street to Ocean Grill as dd was working til 9 and she could walk over there after work & hook up with us. $70.01. Not quite sure where the penny came in but oh well. That included cocktails, appetizers & food. Saturday, got up early, wanted to head off to Publix before they got busy as I had a LOT of coupons, and I hate to hold up line. Spent $76. Saved $78. $28 in coupons, rest in sale. Not as good as I'd like but did score some good deals (Jimmy Dean sausage ended up costing $1.50 each - 1 lb roll, 10 total and have 10 more coupons). Then I decided to tear into the pantry and clear it out & reorganize. Big mistake. Big big mistake. Took all day. And now of course, can't find anything. Ahhh. Well, at least dh & ds were walking in the kitchen, looking at the overflowing countertops asking if there was anything they needed to eat to help me out . Silly men. Sunday I decided to CLEAN the kitchen top to bottom. Talking cabinets, counters, floors, sinks, etc. Not a big deal except my kitchen is rather large, and lots of cabinets & counters. And of course, carried over to the dining room & then the windows. Whew. Then I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, bake 1 dozen & roll up the rest. AND then the garden produced quite a bit of basil, so heck, lets make some pesto sauce. I am so surprised that my sink has NO dirty dishes in it. Now dh wants to start getting his Thanksgiving stuff together for work on Tuesday. Um. NO. I'm done!! The kids have gone to McD (49 cents hamburgers) and that means I don't HAVE to make dinner. So here I am, browsing & typing . I'm done. Tired. Finished. Caput. Oh, no, not broken, just done. Hmmm. Need to go look that up now. In the meantime, I'm sure I will have a sink full of dishes shortly. We are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year so I suppose deep down that is why I felt the need to do this? Even though it's close friends, and we will be eating outside (and frying outside) ... so it didn't really matter in the end. Either way, it was productive ... and the pantry really did need to be reorganized.


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