As we fry our turkeys, we have to get smaller ones, below 11 lbs preferably. It’s difficult as heck to find them that small, AND at the sale price (they usually don’t mark the small ones down). This morning, on my way to work, wanted to stop at 2 Publix to get sales paper and see if there were any coupons of value while there. Since turkeys were on sale for 69 cents a lb, thought I’d see if they had any small ones. BINGO – 9.83 lb & 10.65 lb at 69 cents each. Woohoo … cheap. Even the cashier’s were looking at them tags to see just how cheap they really were!! I’m so happy. Now if I could find 1 or 2 more, I’d be happier, but it’s not necessary. Just would like to have one in the freezer. They had a 5 lber at one store. That was odd looking to say the least. As far as coupons, so so. I’ll post later when I have to time to look at them further & detail.


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