So my rant/whine/complaint from yesterday afternoon is over and done. It's 6:40am and I realize that I should not be complaining as I have life so much better than a lot of other people out there. I am actually ashamed of myself. My g/f was laid off from work a few weeks back. She is in a serious state of depression. I've even suggested, in a round about way, to go to McD's and apply for a job. She was highly insulted that I would suggest such a thing (???) My theory is that if you need to make money, then you need to accept WHATEVER is out there to do so (legally of course). Oh well. To each their own. It's really hard to sympathise with someone when they really aren't doing everything possible that they can to better themselves. Does that sound cold? Heartless? Bitchy? I'm sorry if it does, but that is my honest opinion. So what brings me to all this? Well, a few things. First off, dd is driving me batty to find this Teriyaki sauce that I had gotten from Costco a while back. No luck. They don't carry it anymore. Can't find it in the stores. So I figured, what the heck, I'll make some. So that is my goal today, to find a decent recipe. I had one but it was too sweet. Maybe I'll eliminate the brown sugar & replace with honey? Of course, need to get some work done today at the office too . DH was making the turkey to take to his office last night. And the green bean casserole. We had a nice chat as there wasn't any pressure to be ready by a certain time. We both went to the gym earlier and had a good work out which I've come to the conclusion that might have been just what I needed to get my mind off the money issue. Anyways, we go to bed around 10ish, and laying there, hear the A/C kick on for the east side of the house. Makes a funny grinding noise and then quits. Oh oh. Dh starts fiddling with the air handler, then goes outside and whacks the compressor and sure enough, it starts up just fine. Grrr. We know that we need to replace BOTH of the units, which does not make me excited (there you go, more dollars out the door) but I hope that when we do replace them, they are much more energy efficient since these are 10 years old now. So the purpose of this post, really? A mental note to self to just take life as it comes. Some things are beyond your control, other things are within. Stress does nothing but cause more stress ... smile, be happy (no, I'm not going to say don't worry) and think positive. Used to be my motto for years and drove certain people batty, but now I realize I really need to get back to that mindset!


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