So I started this post this morning, around 10 am or so and now it’s 3:45 in the afternoon. It all started as I was paying the bills for the company I work for. Not an unusual thing, I do it every week. Just so happens, on the last week of the month, after all tenants have paid from the 3 buildings & I’ve paid ALL for the month, I move quite a bit of money from the 3 accounts to the master account. Except today, the amount was substantially less. You see, we’ve lost 2 tenants this past month. One from the warehouse and one from our office plaza. We have another tenant in this building who is re-working their lease terms (my boss does this and gets burned every single time). Another tenant in this building laid off ½ their employees earlier in November and have not paid the $15K rent yet for the month. This made me start thinking about my own financial situation. Granted, it’s not dire. Not like I can’t pay for the mortgage, or keep the lights on, or heaven forbid, by gatorade and chips for the kids. BUT I don’t have as much to spend freely if need be like we used to. I started to try and track when it really really started. I can’t pinpoint it. I think it just kind of crept up … you know, the $4 gallon of gas. The $4.25 gallon of milk. Then the price of bread went for 79 cents, to 99 cents to $1.29. And so on and on it went. And I think that just keeping up with the cost of things was really hitting the pocketbook, just not as hard as some it has for others. We had the vet bill last week ($600 on American Express). The car bill for dd ($800 on dh). We have the property taxes ($5000) to be paid by the 30th or else we have to pay an additional $50 (3% discount instead of 4% which drives dh batty). And you know, I’m actually a little nervous. I mean. It’s that time of year. The kids 16th & 18th birthdays are in less than 2 weeks. Just ordered 2 laptops from bestbuy on line for $399 each. Sale price ($699 normal) … figured I just got an early Black Friday deal, that’s all. Ds really wanted an Xbox, but I figured he could have more fun with the laptop for now? Dd WANTS a laptop so that’s ok. But here’s the thing. I put it on a NEW account with Bestbuy. Not the best thing, knowing my past credit issues. BUT at least I got approved which means my credit score must be up again (should be, it’s been years) … and it’s free (deferred) financing for 18 months. So, my total was 898 after tax & shipping, so did the math and figured 18 monthly payments of $60 would pay it off in time to avoid interest. Actually, would like to pay more but then I realize what I’ve been worrying about all day long & that just doesn’t make sense anymore, does it? Grrr.


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