So far today, I’ve spent $17.xx and this is what I’ve gotten: 12 cans of Hunts tomatoes (FYI the whole ones have the least amount of sodium) for 20 cents per can 6 32 oz cartons of College Inn Broth for 40 cents each (FYI – Thai Coconut Curry has 1,010 mg of sodium per serving!!!!) 6 12 oz bags of nestle chocolate chips for 75 cents each 2 8 pks of coke for $6 2 4lb pkgs of chix leg quarters for 80 cents – was really $4.80 total but used them $2 off coupons! 2 3.4lb bags of sugar for 95 cents each Woohoo. And actually, this was all free as it was paid for with my Visa GC. While I was at the 2nd store getting more tomatoes, was looking for more of the books for the coupons on broth and found some other great ones, $1 off Kraft 2% cheese, 75 cents off propel, and the B1G1F Dannon Frusion single serving bottles. When I was picking up the sodas, saw the little hang tags on 2 ltr bottles for family pizza night, coupons are: free movie rental with rental of another @ Blockbuster, 55 cents off sargento cheese, $1 off 2 Bridgford pepperoni, $1 off 3 2 ltrs of coke, $1 off any 7 or 12” mama marys pizza crust and 55 cents off purchase of 2 Cento pizza sauce items. They all expire pretty quickly in November though!


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