Publix coupons

Ok, here's what I got this morning: 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper (green & red) with 8 coupons on it (all publix). Only one's that I'm really interested in are the $1.00 off Publix ice cream & $1.00 off eggnog. There are also $3 off deli platter, $3 off 20 stem bouquet, $2 off spiral ham, $3 off dessert platter, b1g1f cranberry (odd, they are on sale b1g1f this week, wonder if I can get 3 for price of 1?). Then: booklet of $15 in savings @ Publix (pepperidge farm & campbells) ... recipe book, coupons in back: free franco american gravy with purchase of 2 pepperidge farm stuffing, free box of pepperidge farm baked natural snacks with purchase of 2 pepperidge farm holiday cookies, save $1 on Publix flour with purchase of 2 swansons broth (shows can & carton) and then: $10.00 gift card with purchse of $25 of campbells, pepperridge farm and swanson holiday products. Must submit original coupon plus form. Hmmm. Make Merry Holiday 2008 booklet. 30 cents off domino sugar (any), 50 cents off friendship sour cream, 50 cents off friendship cottage cheese, 50 cents off explorers bounty mate teas, $1 off explorer bounty choc. covered nuts & beans, $1 off explorers bounty coffee, $1 off back to nature nuts & trail mixes, $1 off 2 nancy frozen items, $1 off 5 rachels yogart (6 oz), $1 off 2 dixie plates, 55 cents off kozy shack pudding, and 75 cents off 2 plumsweets. Nothing really exciting ... :)


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