Excited about shopping today

woohoo. I think I'm going to score some GREAT deals today. Publix has the following on sale: Hunts tomatoes, B1G1F ($1.49). I have 12 (yes 12) coupons for $1.00 off 2 ... yehaw! I need these! College Inn Broth 32 oz carton are B1G1F ($2.79). I have 7 (yes 7) coupons for $1.00 off each. This came from the booklet at the store which is how I scored the Hillshire sausage for $1.50 each last week (I didn't post that). Will get 3 chicken & 3 beef. 3.4 lb Dixie Sugar is on sale $1.50 each and I have a 55 cents off each coupon. Not the best but since it's getting to be baking time, need to buy when I can. This coupon came from the same booklet This is not a "great" deal, but will be ok, buy any 8 pk coca-cola product and get $2.00 off any meat purchase. I will buy chicken leg quarters (sale 59 cents lb) and pretty much get them for free. I have 2 of these coupons left. Again, came from the monthly booklet at Publix. Also, just pulled up this $3.00 off coupon from Tyson, shows a Rotisserie Pork Loin but someone was saying that it's not necessary to purchase that particular product. Will try with a small bag of frozen Tyson meat & let you know.


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