I've been browsing the money saving mom website the past few days & decided to go ahead and do the Glades candle deal at Target. The first time I did it on Friday morning on my way to work. No problems. Cost me $5.30 and then I got my $5 gift card. Go back on Saturday with Halloween clearance in mind, 3 refills & 1 candle in cart, along with coffeemate, betty crocker frosting & oreos & goldfish. Give her the $2 off from candle, the buy 2 get one free on refills and the $1.50 off 2 refills. Mind you, only the $1.50 was an internet coupon, along with my $1.00 off coffeemate & 55 cents off the frosting. "I'm sorry, we don't accept internet coupons anymore". Huh? I just use some yesterday? "Sorry, the cashier was wrong, we don't accept" and she points to a notice on side of register with the $5 off Target coupon. Hmmm. So I said fine, take off the frosting & the cream. The candles were still a good deal. Had I NOT been in the garden center check out (only place safe to park on weekend is over on that side of the mall), I would have insisted on a manager. I get in my car, and call the number from the receipt. Get a manager, ask for coupon policy. Was informed that as long as the register scanned & accepted it, they would accept it EXCEPT for the TOY coupon from the internet, "that one is considered fraud". Well. Told them my deal, was told to bring coupon(s) and reciept & they would reimburse me. Hmmm. Will do that either Sunday or Monday morning. Then I went to Publix. Was armed with a BUNCH of coupons AND was going to get the frosting & cream too (even though Target was a BETTER price). My grocery cart was overflowing. I told the cashier that I had a bunch of coupons & asked if she wanted them NOW? Absolutely. Hmmm. "We don't accept internet coupons". HUH???? WTF??? Thankfully, a manager was there, and she recognizes me. Said yes, we do accept up to $1.00 off and no free products, as long as the register would scan. Hmmm. Soooo...I am guessing that the coupon use has increased dramatically AND that stores are being hurt by fraudulent coupons. So I ask you, please, please, please, do not try to use coupons that you know have been scanned & distributed by people. I can remember awhile ago (few years back), none of my stores would take a coupon that was printed from a computer.


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