Cat, Vet, Unexpected Expenses

Geesh. The cat ended up costing $375 AND I still need to take him to an animal hospital so they can put the scope down and see what's there. Crumb. Grrr. Damn cat. So here's how my MONDAY is looking: up at 5am pet cat let cat out (against better judgment, hoping he goes potty and comes back soon) wake up kids make breakfast make hot chocolate (use the Hot Shot) as its 55 degrees out! take shower (oh get dressed drive kids to school drive home make lunches ask dh if we take dd's car today or tomorrow? call around to see who is close that does this scope-y thing take cat go to work pick up cat TRY to go to gym Now. Does any one see where this can get aalll screwed up?? What if cat doesn't come back this morning? What if dh wants to take car this morning. Then we share a ride cuz one of us has to drive car to shop I'm tired already just thinking about it.


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