Big Shopping Day

As I was off of work on Tuesday, I had made myself a quite detailed list of things to pick up at stores and had all my coupons lined up to go. First stop: Walgreens: 2 coffee creams, 29 cents total 4 boxes of Special K (hubby fav) $6.00 (and got 2 register rewards back) 2 containers frosting 44 cents each 2 cans soup 15 cents each Total: $7.xx Next: CVS Toothpaste, $3.49, get $3.49 ECB 2 altoids, $1.99 1 smart water, $1.59, get $1.59 ECB 1 palmolive, $1.49, get $1.00 ECB Total: $4.xx after coupons & ecb Next stop: Publix: 8 cans tomatoes, 29 cents each 6 pk propel, $2.25 8 cartons broth, 40 cents each 2 slim sticks gum, 9 cents for both 2 bottles Italian dressing, $2.79 both (drats, found a coupon this morning for $1 off) $10.xx Next stop: Walmart Neighborhood Market: 6 blocks of cheese, $1.49 each (should have bought the other for $1 each) 2 5 lbs of flour, $1 each 2 wack a can cinn. Rolls for 39 cents each 18 pk beer, $12 (crumb, they used to have corona & Heineken for $10, now its $12) Total $31.xx … funny, had to keep putting cash in as my gift card is just about empty … it is now. Last stop: Costco! Well, I’m not going to give an itemized breakdown, but I did have a list and stuck with it pretty well. Milk was a good deal for $3.49 a gallon, so got 2 of them, and of course, apples, oranges & bananas. I hate buying the bananas though, they are still green & once they start turning, they go real fast, but was about 39 cents lb which is a heck of a lot better than 69 cents. I do have hamburger, hot dogs (the good ones for bbq on the boat with guest) and bone in & boneless chops which we have not had in a while. Oh …and the chix breast, individually frozen & wrapped were cheaper than the fresh ones for once, so picked up 2 bags (6 lbs each, I think) … but regardless, it is Costco, and all my prior savings for the week have gone out the window. Total: $298.xx. Made taco meat (for dinner) put away the perishables and most of other stuff, went to gym, stopped & picked up cat food & treats (had forgotten coupons earlier and forgot again!) came home & collapsed.


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