Weather in South Florida last, we can feel the change in the tempeture! I believe they said that it would 'only' be a high of 85 today! Uh huh. It's October 2nd for petes sake! And apparently, we had some kind of front that is bringing us dryer air. Woohoo! Lower humidity, lower temps (hey, we were still hitting close to 90) and NO rain! Better make sure I check the garden this morning before I leave for work. The thing that I don't like about this time of year? The sunrise & sunset times. We haven't changed our time yet (fall back one hour) and the sun isn't coming up & out until 7:15 am or so. Not to mention, it's been rainy & dreary for the past week, so more like 'what sun?'. Plus, when I leave the gym at 7 or so, I have to turn on my headlights because it's kind of getting to that iffy time of evening where you can't really see certain cars (grey). I have a white car but still. The pool is probably done, by my standards. DH was in last night and Sunday night. But with all the rain and less sun ... it's cooling off. How pathetic is that. It's probably still 82 - 85 degrees but too cold for my taste. Huh. The ocean is still around 85 and people are still going in. The good news with the ocean cooling down is that the fish are closer to shore (gulf stream comes closer in) and we don't have to go out 20 miles to fish! I believe it's suppose to be SUNNY today so need to make sure I close the shades ... gotta try and keep the electric bill below $400 ... this should be the LAST month for higher billing, should come back down to around $350 and less. Yes, I really pay that much. Stinks. And I have been as conservative as possible around here. :(


  1. just ran across your blog on google...

    thought I was the only one paying $400 a month in florida for electric each month and i have a 3BR/2BA 1800sq feet :X


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