Using the crockpot

This morning I have the crockpot all fired up to make my dinner while I'm at the office all day long. I know, some people flip out about leaving the slow cooker plugged in AND on all day long. The only thing I worry about is overflow, so I always, always, always put a baking sheet under the crock while I'm gone. Ok - say your one of them equate the crockpot to an iron, left on all day. It's gonna burn the house down. Ummm. Maybe you have one of them really really old crockpots? The one that your grandmother got for her wedding present? Perhaps, its time to break down and buy a NEW one. One of them SMART ones ... ok, so I'm a little excitable (could be the 3 cups of coffee too!) Target, just this past weekend, had the big red ones on clearance for $19!!!!!! Crumb! I have the large black one. A smaller (5qt?) older one (with the cheesy flower pattern & the old fashioned brown crock, PLASTIC lid - so it's not that old!), a smaller one (3qt?) white one that a g/f picked up at Walmart during one of their Christmas specials for $3.00 and then the little dipper than came with the new black one AND the little dipper dh paid for years ago. I really really wanted the red one. But just could NOT justify it. Plus, space is getting more difficult to come by in the guest kitchen . We do use all 4 of these crocks during the boat parade party so they do come in use. AND actually, I got rid of one a few months back. I got tired of messing around trying to clean it as the crock was NOT removable (whose brilliant idea was that???) Ok ... off to the purpose of this message. I found this GREAT website: Then I found this GREAT recipe: I figured, heck, I've got boneless country style ribs in freezer that I am at a total loss what to do with (besides pulled bbq pork), tons of soy sauce (none of that watery sodium laden stuff please!!), tons of brown sugar (ok, not as much as I thought, just opened up my last 2 lb bag), picked up the jalapeno peppers yesterday, and water, yes I have water. It's all in the pot now, frozen solid & all. Put on high (like she did) since it's frozen. I opted to use the old flowery crock since I think the black one would be too big. Although, I like the black one as it has a much bigger cooking surface on the bottom. Anyways ... dd will be home later today as today is Senior Skip Day. Off to Boomers they go and then she has a 3pm dr appt. I will have her make the rice tonight before I get home from gym. afterall, it's Thursday, SURVIVOR is on & again, it's Thursday and I'm beat! I will post the results later ... and don't worry, the crockpot will be fine on low the rest of the day!


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