Upcoming Trip

We are finally going to do something for our 18th Anniversary! Woohoo. We are going SOUTH (young man) to Key Largo, Islamorado, Plantation Key, Tavenier, whatever you really want to call it!! The place we are staying is here: www.coconutpalminn.com It looks beautiful. Of course, they all do on the internet!! But the main reason we picked it was because it's on the Bay side AND has a boat ramp & dock and NO extra fee for the seadoo trailer overnight. The place that we've stayed at before www.pcove.com was really a neat place BUT they wanted to charge an additional $30 a night for the trailer. Hmmm. I thought that's what we paid 8 years ago for a 30 foot boat at the dock? Anyway. I'm really excited. I will pack a cooler with milk, sodas, water, etc. Lunchmeat, mayo/mustard & salad stuff. I am going to attempt to eat out of the cooler for breakfast & lunch with dinner only out. I don't know how cheap it would be. I know that the travel industry is taking a HUGE hit but it is also Fantasy fest that week in Key West and for some reason, I just think it travels a bit northerly down there. Hope not too much. Would have liked to have bought a new swimsuit before than but my goal is still November 1st. We shall see!!


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