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So we have 10 minutes or so before the market closes for the day, and GUESS WHAT?? It's down 600+ points! So. How many people are really concerned? It amazes me when I hear people say, oh it will come back, and so on. But you know what, WE (my husband and I) lost over $30,000 in the month of September on our retirement accounts. That is my annual salary. I basically just lost one year of pay in one month. And September wasn't even THAT bad!!! Ok. Deep breath. Whew. We ARE still going to Islamorada at the end of October. Its our 18th Anniversary. The kids should be thrilled that we will leave them alone again. They just wanted to be sure that we were around for Halloween (how odd is that??!) We are excited as we will drive the Tahoe and trailer the seadoo down for some cruisin. This will be my 2nd time to the Keys by car. We used to always go by boat and then the last time we drove and I was like "wow, that's what it looks like from land?" like a little kid. No, we are NOT doing fantasy fest. I don't think I could tolerate the wildness for long. I dont' have patience for rude, obnoxious drunks, even if I am participating. . I hope it doesn't come that far north and stays to the south in Key West. I was hoping to go to Ikea on Monday, Columbus Day. Dh was saying that he didn't think it was necessary (no joke, not that many miles, but would take 30 to 45 minutes to drive there). I've been wanting to go since it opened 10 months ago and haven't. Figured since I'm off and the kids have school, I would do something fun just for me. Give myself $100 and see if anything really jumped out at me. You know how it is, you have $ in your pocket THEN you can't find anything you really really want! But now I think I might be working. Odd, it's a holiday, banks & post office are closed, I think the courts are too (gonna check before end of day) and we've ALWAYS had that day off (my only free day of the year without the kids!). Speaking of Columbus Day: we used to do Columbus Day Regatta down to Elliott Key. It's one of the first islands and is really an island, no roads in or out so boats only. Would always hook up with a bunch of friends & cruise down there. What a hairy ride it would be sometimes, especially hitting the markers in horrible conditions. Anyways, the sailboats would all be anchored out there in the wide open waters (really, electric lights in sight) and it would just look like a city out there. But talk about wild parties. Whew. I'm glad we were powerboaters and not sailboaters. We just don't play the same . So the market is officially closed at -675.97. Shoot. They should just round the damn numbe rup to 676 and be done with it. Crumb. Ok, now that I've managed to ramble for the past 20 minutes (and the phone hasn't rang once during that time, thats how 'quiet' the real estate law market is) I suppose I should go do something somewhat productive ...


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