Soup is/was on at 7am this morning

Took out the rest of the ground turkey yesterday so I could make the chili for today since it’s our first official cold front!! Woohoo!! Hey folks, it was 58 degrees this morning at A1A and Sunrise Blvd. It don’t get that cold normally oceanside! Brrrr…. So this morning at 6:30am, after the kids left, chopped the onion & garlic, tossed in skillet with ground turkey & cooked. Opened up 3 cans of spicy chili and one can of northern beans (why you ask? Because I can) 2 cans of tomato sauce and 1 can of chicken broth Toss in some chili powder, cumin, oregano, pepper & salt … and I think there may have been something else there but not sure (hey, it was still dark outside!)drained turkey (with onions & garlic) and added to crock Stirred it up. Put lid on. Plugged in and pressed the button 3 times for 8 hours of cooking time on low. Washed skillet, knife and cutting board. Put in dish strainer. Set oven to come on at 6:45pm at 400 degrees. Placed large cookie sheet on counter. Put can of biscuits smack in the middle and front of shelf in fridge. This is so the kids will not be telling me they could not FIND the biscuits to cook at 7pm for me. So here’s my dinner plan tonight: kids pop the biscuits in oven at 7pm. I get home at 7:15, biscuits should be ready. Chili will be on warm. Sourcream & Oh CRAP cheddar cheese is still in the freezer!! I was going to say both were in fridge ready. Ok. It’s not a ‘huge’ deal. Hopefully I will remember to tell the kids to take it out when they get home. Anyways. Fritos (them snack bags for lunches that the kids NEVER eat) are going to be perfect for this!


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