I really am not much of a Kmart fan. I suppose it goes back to the store being OLD and in a not so great area of town here in Lauderdale. Oh, and the employees. Not quite sure where they train them, but clearly, customer service is not stressed enough. BUT then Sears came in the picture. AND now, well, the store is clean. Open. Bright. Clean. The employees, well, they are still there. I’ll leave it at that. THEN – they announce in the Sunday paper, that they will be DOUBLING coupons! Woohoo!!!!! I think (need to check) that this is for a week or so only. Guess what else they are doing now (again, need to double check) … LAYAWAYS!! So, if we can get SEARS quality stuff (not THE best but acceptable by most standards) at Kmart on layaway with double coupons. Well. Need I say more?


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