I’m looking at a grocery list that I made last night when we got back from our trip: Garbage bags – there is 2 left in the box Milk – ½ gallon left Bread – ½ loaf or less Kens salad dressing x 4 (b1g1f) Dish soap (bottle was empty??) Lettuce or salads (b1g1f) – on quest to be healthier Grape jelly – someone, not sure WHO, has been eating & almost empty I’ve given myself $40 in my wallet and NO American Express or debit card. This is going to be my new MO. So why do I make a big deal about this? BECAUSE!!! All of the websites & blogs that I visit are talking about the economic downturn, the fear of recession/depression AND dh & I have just agreed, last week, to start being a little more conservative than we already are. Of course, this did NOT affect our weekend trip. Well. Sorta. We did eat IN for breakfast & lunch and went out for dinner (read other post on this deal). So of course, when you start to cut back on spending, the first thing to get slashed is the food bill. Which of course, makes sense. Remember, I did the 30 Days of Nothing, and ha! That was NOT really any kind of accomplishment in my opinion. I did not suffer or need anything. Good lord. There really was no lesson learned which makes me feel the need to do it AGAIN in November. Of course, November is a tricky month: Property taxes are due - $6k roughly DH 49th birthday (ack, I had 495 birthday for a minute there!) Thanksgiving which translates to friends & family (sometimes). Not to mention dh always does something for his office staff on the Friday after Thanksgiving since they work. My freezers are stuffed full. Of what, I’m not sure. What I DO know is that I have NO room for a mere 10 lb turkey (or 2 or 3) so I need to be eating that stuff up to make room. My pantry is full & almost overflowing. Of course, I have NO regular pasta, spaghetti like stuff. Just ziti, macaroni & such. Why am I telling you this? Cuz I had to use macaroni noodles last night for a meal that called for linguine. Ds pitched a fit because there was NO cheese sauce. He of course figured out how to make it himself at the last minute and I’ll be damned, that kid did awesome!! May have to have him make some mac & cheese for the family soon … oh wait. I don’t think I have macaroni anymore! And then of course, the fridges should really only be for stuff short term. There are a few things in there that I tossed last night and will be doing so again this week. So. What would be a good $ amount to place for the month? I KNOW I can’t go $40 every week. PLUS I must buy turkeys (the sooner the better). I’m leaning more towards just going with the flow of things but not buying unless I’m out. Oh lord. Pass up on stock up value items? Isn't’ that what everyone is doing now? Shouldn’t I be doing that too? Maybe not yet. Not now. Not this week. Lets wait til next week. That is going to be the way I have to do this. Just put it off. Procrastinate? Yeah, that’s the word!


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