I would like to know just WHO gets the calls for those political polls that they keep using as a meter for the lead in the presidential election. I mean, I've been a registered voter for, oh, 26 years now. AND I have never received a pollster calling me. Believe me. NEVER. I've received some of the most annoying recorded messages however to not vote for so and so because they voted for this or that, but never a live poll. Hmmm. Would it be, because, maybe, because I'm Republican?? That doesn't necessarily mean I vote straight Republican ... come on, I'm tempted to vote for the independent dude this year only because I don't have faith or confidence in either candidate and we only have 3 weeks (LESS!) to go. I did not mean to yell, here and there. Forgive me. Im off to find some paradoy of all this madness on youtube (you know it's out there!!)


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