I am still trying to get in the groove of getting dinner together quickly at 7:30pm Monday through Thursday. It’s hard, if not close to impossible. BUT with a little planning, I’ve been able to do it most of the time. Easy enough, Thursday, because I watch Surivor with ds, we almost always do soup & sandwiches. It’s almost a fend for yourself type of dinner in a way. Other nights are planned leftovers from the freezer. And then there is the advance prep … like this morning, I cooked up the ground turkey & made my taco meat at 6am. Actually, I had wanted to do that last night but was just too tired and dreading the 5am wake up call. I also will make pasta in advance. Everyone can just nuke in microwave & put whatever they want on it (dh & dd put brocolli, garlic & olive oil, ds puts sauce and me, I ususally toss a little with lettuce & add parmesean & cesear dressing). Chicken is made almost every weekend, then cut & placed in serving size containers & frozen for lunches & dinners through out the week. Of course, this weekend that didn’t happen. Was to have been made Saturday for dinner but friends came by with steaks so its still in fridge marinating. Need to be sure to cook it tonight which means I’m going to be tired, hungry and crabby. It’s a little hard on the kids. Granted they are teens & do know how to function somewhat in the kitchen. BUT what I really hate is when they grab the frozen pizzas and such to eat for a snack when they come home from school cuz it’s been 4 to 5 hours since lunch time & they are hungry. Wish they would eat SNACK food but I guess they feel the need for meal quality food Then they are hungry again by the time I get home. Grrr.


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