Gift card/VISA prepaid debit card

So I get these little perks from the office, $98 visa gift cards. I always intend for it to be something special, for the family or what not. I mean, I bought the ice cream maker. I bought a cool mixer. Same with the blender. Oh yeah, I got the iron & ironing board too. Hmm. I guess maybe it really goes to the household. Regardless. I have another one, just came in today. Should have another one in a week or so. I’m torn as to what to do. a. Go to Kmart, put the Xbox on layaway with $98 down. b. Go to grocery store & stock up well on stuff for the kitchen c. Go buy some new clothes d. go buy turkeys, lots of them e. save and give one to each kid for Christmas (problem with this is that you have to remember how much $ you have left, otherwise rejects if over the limit or you remember to tell the cashier you want to put $X on the card & pay the rest with cash or whatnot) f. go hunt for one of the big heavy pan that the pioneer woman keeps giving away & I keep missing!! Most likely, it will go towards the usual household stuff. Groceries. Cleaning supplies. And so on. Exciting, huh? Since we aren’t doing much for Christmas in the way of gifts (going to be tough on the kids although they should be old enough to understand the economic situation and potential issues down the road) we are still doing a few big ticket items. Dd wants a laptop. Ds wants an xbox. I wanted to do a laptop for each & xbox for both. However, dd ‘may’ be going away after this upcoming summer for college, National Guard, whatnot . Well. Now that I said that out loud (or rather, typed it) I think I need to go hide myself for a while until the freak out mode goes away.


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