For the past 2 hours, since 5:00am (!!) I've had to listen to this "CHIRP" every 30 to 45 seconds from the smoke detector in the hall by the guest room. Which coincidentially, is almost directly behind me. I'm hard of hearing and man, that thing is loud and annoying. Ok, I get the reason why ... but do you think ANYONE else in this house has heard it?? Apparently not, it's still chirping away!! So, you may be asking yourself, why don't I change the battery? Because a) that is not something that I do and b) I don't think I have any 9 volt batteries. See, the last time I unscrewed the smoke detector from the mount, I failed to remember that our detectors are wired to the alarm system. Well, I inadvertently (in my haste to finish the damn project) pulled the wiring & oops, broke the connection. That was not fun. So. Here it is is, now 7am. Do you think anyone hears it yet??


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