Election Day and choices

In TWO weeks, we get to go vote for the next President of the United States. How many of you know for SURE who you are voting for? How many of you, like ME, still haven’t decided yet (as I type this, I envision my home phone ringing non-stop with all the political message recordings!)? Lets see. Does it even matter what I am registered to vote as? (Republican, in case you really wanted to know). Does it matter that I do NOT vote straight Republican? We have: 1. John McCain & that mom from Alaska (am I the only one that refers to her as that?) 2. Barack Obama (obamamomma) and that dude that had his eyes & hair done I believe Ralph Nadar on the list again this year which makes ds very happy, although I’m not sure why. You can go to this website www.votesmart.org and put in your state to find out who could be on your ballot. At this time, there are a lot of selections!! Holy smokes I need to start doing some more research.


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