Day 2 of hopefully no airconditioning!

Woohoo! It was 54 degrees at 5am this morning at my house! Felt so good to NOT hear the ac's pluggin away! The Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is this weekend (starts tomorrow & runs through Monday). I scored 4 free tickets. I've given to hubby to see if any of his friends want to go. I don't think any of our friends are looking for a new boat at the moment (actually, I don't really think ANYONE is buying a new boat right now). Had told hubby that we should go over to the convention center & check out all the goodies there (remember, I have a $98 gift card!!!) but he doesn't really want to go. Would be nice if it could stay cooler like this but I think it goes back to 80's on Friday. Bummer. The sky is just that crystal clear blue that comes when it gets cold out. I so miss the cooler weather! Of course, I'm freezing, my toes & fingers are numb and feel like ice, but yes, I would love to move back north (Indiana, Michigan, Illinois) ... but I don't see that happening!


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