20 minutes and $35 later

Had to run into Publix after the gym (remember the post about my grocery list?), and of course, made the mistake of calling the kids to let them know that I was stopping & was there anything they needed? Ice Cream Gatorade or some other juicy juice stuff Ok. Mental note to add that to my short list. Edys ice cream, b1g1f HOT DOG! $5.15 Grape jelly $1.79 Kens dressing $3.29 … hmmm. That has gotten more expensive (b1g1f, got 4) Gallon milk $3.59 8 pk powerade $5.79 (gatorade was $7.09. What an odd price) 2 bags of hearts of romaine lettuce $3.09 Lucky charms, b1g1f $3.95 NOT on my list but heck, couldn’t pass up. Suppose I should have held out Trash bags (15) $1.79 Sunlight dishsoap 99 cents Bananas $1.87 (69 cents lb!!!) NOT on my list but have been craving them. Bread $1.29 So, I had one measly coupon, $1 off powerade. My freaking total was $35.40. Of course, “ohhh look, you saved $20.17 today!” YEAH but I had to spend $35.40 to get there! Oh well. I have $4 and change left in my purse til Friday.


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