30 Days of Nothing Day 4

$ - $5 - $2.50 for each kid for lunch today. I am thankful there is no school on Fridays! Breakfast, croissant & egg with bacon, fruit Lunch, chicken and green salad Dinner, beef stir-fry (if I can get motivated after working out) Upon waking up this morning, my body is so tired from boxing. Literally, just fatigued. Good, that means I’m working it but I hope I can stay motivated today!! I have a closing today at 1pm, but have a feeling that could be for later in the day as I don’t think the seller’s are all moved out yet. The only thing that I could see possibly derailing this whole plan is Ike, as in forecasted to be a Category 4 Hurricane in my general area on Tuesday, day 9!! Yikes Ike! I’m thankful that Hanna has chosen to take her time & is playing out easterly. Prayers for all the Bahamians and their islands.


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