30 Days of Nothing

NOTE: This post was originally typed up on Friday, August 29th after a long & grueling week. Of course, the long and grueling work has continued as I'm just now posting almost a week later! September 2008 After figuring that I spend close to $1000 on average a month for food for a family of 4 (groceries, dinner out & kids lunches) I thought why not give this a try? It’s also a chance for me to do a few other things too: I signed up for a new gym a week ago, called The Cage (mmafitnesscenters.com) and am taking the Power Box classes Monday through Thursday. Being that its $50 a month, another incentive to save elsewhere. BUT – I would really like to lose the 10 lbs I gained when I quit smoking. And also firm up this 44 year old body. I would also like to start removing some of the clutter I have in my closet & dresser drawers. Some of the stuff I’m holding on to until I lose the weight. Well, if I haven’t lost or toned up within the next 30 days, there is something seriously wrong. And lastly, for me, and no one else in the house, I want to see if I am really that materialistic? I mean, is this what makes me happy? I’ve been unhappy lately. Not depressed, just not happy. Nothing pleases me, gives me warm fuzzy feelings, etc. Everything is a pain in my neck lately and that is so not like me. I feel bad for my family and those around me. So lets hope that all the above will potentially resolve itself a bit within the next 30 days. I am actually looking forward to this.


  1. GLAD you've decided to go on this adventure too!!


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