30 Days of Nothing, Day 9

$ - $10 to dd for the rest of week lunches. Will have to give ds $ tomorrow as I only had a ten on me. The website I spent too much time on this morning is: bakingbites.com Yummm Meals for the day: breakfast - croissant with egg & bacon for ds. dd wanted a poptart. dh got cheerios to take to his office (funny, I got an email from him, "not too bad, The Cheerio's, been 15 years since I've had some........") & I had a croissant with egg & sausage at the office. Yup, I've got 4 more croissants left in the freezer, and that's it! lunch - kids had a mix up of stuff to snack on (no bagels left), dh got a croissant & ham sandwich and watermelon, I have some taco salad with watermelon. ALSO remember to bring the bottle of coke which I am sipping on right now dinner will be the cesear pasta chicken salad. Nothing fancy but quick to make. I am still having a hard time getting in to the groove with getting home after 7pm and doing dinner & all the other stuff. I'm afraid I'm going to burn myself out if I don't fall into a routine soon!


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