30 Days of Nothing, Day 7

$ - 0 ... but it was hard. Really really really wanted to go to the produce store and get some veggies, lettuce, squash, peppers, celery, carrots, etc. to start eating healthier this week. But dh convinced me it wasn't really all that necessary to drive all the way out there to save $5 or so on what I wanted to buy. Ok. Day 6 turned out to be an expensive day. We ended it with an order to the pizza place which cost me $30 (included tip & delivery fee). I suppose I should know better, that's the way it always ends after boating & drinking. However, today, I am being GOOD! I had 2 green & 2 red peppers that were starting to get soft. Sliced them up with 2 large onions & sauteed them in my heavy skillet. Will freeze a few small portions as dd loves this with white rice (which is already in the freezer in 1/2 cup portions). I also made a batch of japanese white sauce, yum yum, or shrimp sauce, depending on what restaurant you are at. This will be real good with the sauteed veggies, rice & chicken or steak. I see a quick dinner already in progress for the week! And last but not least, I took one of the packages of pork tenderloin that I had gotten last week for $3.00 in the crockpot. As it's already marinated in 'sweet hickory sauce' I don't think we would have liked it grilled (was to have been Saturday's dinner) so figured toss in the crockpot to cook, then slice some, shred the rest for bbq pork. The sliced stuff will go in the freezer for lunches. It's 4:30 and I am waiting for the 5pm update on Hurricane Ike. It looked like we were in the clear of a direct hit, but are still expecting 30-40 mph winds. HOWEVER, in watching the recent radar & tracking, that think looks like it's goin more north than due west, which means it will NOT be over cuba but open water, which a) gives it the chance to grow stronger, if not at least stay strong and b) changes the forecasted track MORE in the direction of south florida and the keys. Oh no. Will have to definately watch and see if it's really tracking more north or if it's just a wobble. Breakfast, bagels and fruit lunch, the rest of pizza dinner, burgers on grill to use up the hamburger buns that I had picked up LAST weekend with tater tots.


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