30 Days of Nothing Day 5

$ - $50 gas, $32 Publix Say hello to Hurricane Ike. At least that's what they were saying on Friday morning when we woke up. Filled up truck (half full already) so there went $50. Stopped at Publix, picked up milk, 2 gallons water, 3 bottles soda, 2 bottles wine (for cooking, honestly!), cat food, cat litter and bread. $30 later. Geesh. Breakfast, cereal and fruit lunch, pork & smashed red taters (leftovers from freezer) dinner, grilled cheese & soup. DH was not feeling well again. Hoping he clears this up soon. I am bummed that it cost me so much @ the grocery store. But like I said before, the only thing that could really derail me is a hurricane.


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