30 Days of Nothing, Day 25

$ - oops. Target in the morning on way to work (have I not said over & over again, no Target before work??!!) $30 (3 dozen washcloths, swiffer, swiffer refills, deodarant, vasaline, tshirt, all except swiffer on clearance). $3.50 @ Burgerking, was way hungry. Knew I should have made breakfast for me! I need a little support over here! The cold, sinus infection thing is pretty much over, yahoo! Breakfast – for some reason, I didn’t eat at home, which is why I stopped at BK. Ds had eggs & the last of the frozen waffles. Dd ate a bagel Lunch – kids the usual, I had cabbage & noodle salad (again!!), chicken, apple Dinner – dd was at g/f for night. Made ds mac & cheese (bluebox) and I had popcorn. I know, not really nutritional but it was SURVIVOR which is the one show that me & ds watch together (no one else in house likes it) and I was beat from the gym!


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