30 Days of Nothing, Day 19

$ - $70 at Publix. In a moment of weakness. In my defense, however, I should mention that I came down with a cold and part of this trip was for some cold meds. So, $10 of this was nyquil & dayquil. $12 was for a basil, parsley & cilantro plant. The remaining $48 or so is really, junk. The kids have been bothering me to try out the new fryer we got … so of course, being sick, short on time & energy, went to the frozen food section, and well, $50 or so later, here we are. Ironically enough, after the first batch of fries & one batch of chicken tenders, noticed that the cheese sticks took an awful long time to cook. Hmmm. Dang it. The fryer quit working. So after complaining and moaning about it, dh made me just walk away and cooked the rest in the oven. Not the same but good enough at that time! (FYI, the heating element crapped out on it from what we can tell). breakfast, cereal lunch, leftovers and salad dinner, fried / oven baked fast food


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