30 Days of Nothing, Day 17

$0 - $8.50 - Thrift store - george forman grill thing. I have a SMALL one that does not even fit one burger, or even a sandwich. This is my frugal attempt to knock off some of the electric bill in hopes that I won't need to fire up the big thermador stovetop to cook chicken. I know, I have a grill outside but some days it's too much of a hassle. Who would have ever thought I'd say something like that!!!???
Breakfast - eggs & toast
Lunch - kids did usual, I had piece of fried chicken (courtesy of dd b/f from Sunday), and small salad
dinner - tacos. Made the meat before going to work and sliced tomatoe & lettuce and diced onions ... my, wasn't I productive! Of course, keep forgetting that I can't FIND my taco packets (had at least 5 of them & they seem to have left the house) so had to whip up a season pack myself. I like but the kids aren't 'crazy' about it. I made mine as a taco salad, by the way, in keeping with my get fit(er) plan.
Heres a pic of when we were up at my MIL 70th birthday. Dh made a huge pan of brats & sauerkraut. Of course, hardly any leftovers for the following day! All them polish family members just chowed down.


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