30 Days of Nothing, Day 14

$ - $9, sent dd to store to pick up gallon milk, gallon of oj & 1/2 gallon of ice cream. That cost $9 and all were considered to be on sale! I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday. It's the day we relax for the most part (aside from the usual daily stuff that needs to be done around the house) but it's also the day to get ready for the work week ahead. We decided to take the Doo out to play. I was to ride it over to George English park and dh & kids would meet me over there with the truck loaded with toys & cooler. Good deal. EXCEPT - dd wants to either go apply for some new jobs (??on a Sunday) which then of course, got put on back burner cuz the b/f wants to hang out. Which then meant that ds didn't want to go cuz it wouldn't be any fun. And too short of notice to call any friends. So, it was just me & dh. We had fun, took turns zipping around the place (it's set off the main waterway and more calm without as much boat traffic, think neighborhood street as opposed to interstate!). Stayed for about 2 hours then came home to check on the brisket. breakfast - made a cinnamonbun cake thing. Not bad, will post recipe lunch - kids fended for themselves, dh & I had sandwiches that I had made for the cooler dinner - beef brisket with smashed taters. I also made tomato & mozz salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar ... yummm


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