30 Days of Nothing, Day 10

$ - $38 at Target. Never ever stop at Target on way to work!! Got 2 scrub brushes on clearance @ 48 cents each, 2 dish brushes, clearance @ 48 cents each. Pair of work out pants on clearance $1.84 (ok, these could NOT be passed up), work out bra $16.99 (sorry folks, it IS a necessity), 8 piece measuring set & mixing bowl @ $1 each and scientific calculator for ds $13.99. Soooo… I went for the calculator and walked out with a bunch more. Was looking for bagels as they are about 70 cents cheaper there, but they were out, of course! So this is Day 10 of Nothing. I think not. I mean, seriously, I’m not suffering. I’m also not showing enough restraint, at least, in my opinion. I am however, sticking to my new exercise routine, which is a GREAT thing (I think I am starting to see a difference in my body, woohoo!!! I do know that I’ve got a lot stronger in the upper body). Tonight will be “Episode 9” at the gym. I could easily say no, I’m not going tonight. I am really so exhausted by the time I get home but still have to motivate enough to make dinner and pick up the kitchen. I do have 2 kids (teens) in the house that SHOULD be doing more to help out around the house. My only problem is/was that I let them be ‘lazy’ with the excuse of them having to do school work & they should be able to relax. Now that they are soon to be 18 & 16 I find myself asking WHY would I have thought that & allowed it?? Grrr. They do help some, but obviously, not enough to keep me happy. Breakfast – omelet for ds, dd wanted the raspberry coffeecake, dh & I had cheerios & fruit Lunch – kids, the usual, snacks & buy if desired, dh had tuna and I had rice with peppers & onions & chicken (all from freezer) with yumyum sauce Dinner – pork stirfry (pork from the crockpot on Sunday with frozen veggies and noodles)


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