30 Day of Nothing, Day 11

Being that it was September 11, I chose to simply post a photo that I had taken at my dd's high school ceremony. She is in ROTC and was the speaker during that days ceremony. Pretty cool. $ - $4 @ Mcdonalds (running late that morning & had to eat before the ceremony) $10 to ds for his week of lunches (payback) breakast - kids did cereal as dh did. I did McD since I was running so late :( lunch - left over hamburger from fridge for me, kids bought, and dh fended for himself (was in a hurry that morning) dinner - burgers on the grill. Not what I had planned on but after boxing I was too beat & starving to boot. DH had not gotten home yet when I had hoped that he would take care of dinner so I tossed some frozen burger patties on the grill, as much as I hate them, they do come in handy. Thankfully I had buns in freezer that I wrapped in a cloth napkin & defrosted in microwave.


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