Tropical Storm Fay

Well, we woke up this morning under a Tropical Storm WATCH. Not a big deal, really. Except that tomorrow is the FIRST day back to school for the kids & it really would suck if they missed the first or second, even third day back. I don't think we will get much here in Broward County. A little wind, a little rain. Maybe a little more tide (it was just a full moon...). But no hurricane force winds, thankfully. I did do a quick rundown of my hurricane supplies though :) I have batteries, water bottles (not 1 gallon per person per day as recommended...), tons of pantry supplies, etc. I started to fill up large ziplocs with ice yesterday just in case. Like I told dh, if nothing else, at least I will have ice for boat cooler when we go out next. DH was watching to see if he should consider taking the boat out of water & off of lift. It's 12,000 lbs swaying between concerete pilings. Come on. Thats not a pretty site if it starts happening!! The new waverunner lift is sitting here empty as we haven't gotten that yet. I don't know what we would do with that, or should do. I'm just thankful that this is not a direct, big hit!


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