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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursdays Frugal Work Clothes

Hmm...seems to be every Thursday is frugal clothing day! Today: Crocs - g/f gave to me, they were too big for her. Actually, I should not be wearing them in the office, but nothing really going on today! Lime green pleated skirt. Gorgeous. I love this thing - $1.00 @ Out of the Closet Thrift. White cotton & lace insert sleeveless top - 25 cents from Broward County Woman's Aux. Thrift store (years ago, this may be the last time wearing as the lace is thinning and tearing a bit) Liz Claiborne cream knit cardigan with beautiful tiny flowers embroided throughout, $1.00 @ Broward County Hospital Woman Aux. Thrift (new location down the street, much smaller than used to be) Yup, I'm lovin it!

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