The weekend in review

As I haven't posted a whole lot in the last week or so, thought I would bring those of you who care up to date . Friday was to be my day off. Good as I had my SIL and her B/f coming in for weekend. Wanted to clean the house, go shopping, get some food prepped, get the boat stuff ready, you know, a lot of crap to do. Then my 2 big boys (bosses) tell me Thursday night that they need me to come in the last 1/2 of day. They are letting my co-worker go. :( Bummer. That means I'm back to full time hours. Does that mean I'm back to full time pay too? Most likely! YAHOO! That "may" mean I can bring back in Maria, my cleaning gal that I soooo love & miss. Although, it's not very frugal, it is in my mind. It leaves me time to do the things I love to do ... spend time with the family, cook, bake, garden, etc. instead of spending 4 to 5 hours a week cleaning up after everyone. Ok, it's not quite that bad (cleaning up after everyone) but it is a huge house that gets the day to day dirt mixed in. Yes, I do clean daily, but it's not enough. Sorry. Will think about this more & post a later post. So I go in to work on Friday, around noonish. Bummer. Get home a little after 5. Everyone is already here. Already having cocktails. Crumb. Everyone stays up late (2ish) on Friday, except me. I say goodnight at 11pm. Not really in the mood to drink & get loud and such :) Plus, we are going boating! Get up at 6:30 Saturday. Hmmm. Everyone is out codl still. Get my stuff together for boat. Pick up (boy, drunk people sure are messy). Mumble about cleaning & drinking, etc. SIL & b/f get up, they are running out to get water shoes. Good idea. Off they go. Tell dh to get up & get ready. He decides that we MUST grind the meat for his tripleprime burgers he wants to make. I grumble. Whatever. He grinds, I clean. Of course. We go boating. Jack & Chivas Regal and wine & miller lite & heinken lite go along for a ride too. Oh, so does ds. Surprise! We have a 'good' time at Boca Lake. Meet up with my b/f and her b/f & girls. Fun. Find starfish. That's always cool. Get stung by some funky looking millipede thingy that just wont' stay away from us. Finally catch him in net, put in cup & put on boat til we are ready to leave & then release him. Weather is cloudy but nice. Pull up anchor around 4ish. Haul ass in the ocean & see a stranded diver waving. Make a U turn & board him. His boat is literally 1 mile away, that's how bad he got caught in current. His wife is on another boat that pulls up to us. We all head back to his boat. He jumps in & swims to boat. We meet them back at Haulover inlet so he can get his gear off our boat. Duh. This is like the 3rd of 4th diver we've rescued. His and her's first time out. Oh boy. Get caught in major rain & lightning storm. Freezing. Bone cold. Get home. Unload stuff, quickly (everyone has way too much to drink in my opinion). Change into dry clothes. Sit down with dd & ds and watch tv for a bit, play with cat. SIL falls asleep. DH & other are in pool. They convince dd & ds to drive them to grocery store & liquor store. Oh great. Thank god dd has license BUT she has only driven the tahoe 2 times. Oh boy. I decide at that point to just go lay down in bed (8pm anyways) and go to sleep. Slept right through it all. I know it sounds like a horrible hostess, but you know, I'm still mad about everyone getting trashed & then trashing the house. I've made it quite clear that I AM NOT cleaning up the stuff spilled all over the place nor am I cleaning up after a bunch of drunks. Here it is, Monday night, they left yesterday mid morning & I'm still pissed. I guess I just don't see the humor or anything in getting totally sloppy drunk anymore? Oh well. Not to mention, I'm pms'ing. Oh well. So there you have it. I'm sunburned as heck on my back. Today was an ok day at work but cancelling access to accounts & stuff & redoing passwords is exhausting. Everytime I turn around, theres another password that must be changed. Not that I think she would do anything, BUT its' better to be safe than sorry. Will post my menu plan later....


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