Friday night

Ds was at band practice. Dd & g/f were going to concert (Head PE??) at the Culture Room. Friends of ours had asked if we wanted to go to Hardrock and then to comedian show afterwards. DH didn't feel that great earlier in day so we passed. Besides, we would have spent way too much money in the casino before the show started. Of course, we could have just watched all the Blackjack dealers & players and not played but I would have HAD to play the slots. :) I admit it, I love slots!! When dh got home, asked him what he wanted do. Said he didn't know. I wanted to go to Costco to pick up a few things (yes, I had a running list of things to buy from there). Finally talked him into going. We went. Spent $192.00 Not even that much stuff. But the TP was $17. The papertowel was $14. Green tea, $11, water $5, chicken tenders (meant to grab 1 tender & 1 breast) $15 x 2 (crap), chicken apple sausage, $14, parmesean cheese, $15, cheesy crackers (dh impulse buy) $6, grey poupon, $6, croutons $5 and so on. Geesh. Oh, pork chops, $17, eggs $4, but they didn't have any pork tenderloins. That was the first thing on my list!! I wonder what's up with that. And the bread selection was very thin, think it was because late (8ish) and Friday ... alot of people probably shop Friday BUT I know come Saturday they are restocked. Hmmm. And not that many people. So maybe, just maybe, I can convince dh to start doing a every 4th Friday Costco night. Doubt it, but worth a shot :) Sooo...for $192, I got some basic stuff that I always hate to buy at regular store (paper stuff, especially...wish I could say we aa house without paper needs, but that's not true, try as I might!)


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