Weekend doings

Again it rained and rained hard. We really need it so I'm not going to complain too much, but still, a little dry weather would be appreciated too right now! Didn't get out on the boat ... obviously. Too many gusts of winds within those storms. They aren't the ususal 'on the breeze' either, but hours long. So instead, I tackled the kitchen on Saturday as I have a large bag put together (again) for goodwill. While I did the kitchen, dh did his dresser. He got rid of a lot. Then he tackled the garage. Really, the garage is not 'bad' as we do park the Tahoe in there, and it's not a storage area. He's very neat & orderly, obsesively so at times so not a lot wrong, just purge time! The kitchen was interesting, to say the least. I did the pots and pans, baking dishess, and my large appliance & mixing bowl sections (3 cabinets, below counters). Tossed a lot. Rearranged (swapped out the pots & pans with the appliances, like food processor & blender & choppers) and bowls. Then discovered that I had quite a bit of baking dishes that fit the new toaster oven. We (me & dh, kids already do) need to start using that more as I think it uses less energy than the massive convection oven. I even decided, after a little thought, got rid of my george foreman rotissire oven (if you live in South Florida and want one, send me an email before the end of the week!). It's big. It's bulky. I never seem to buy a small enough chicken! And so on. Bulk trash pick up is Tuesday. I don't know why, but dh doesn't think alot of stuff is donatable. Like paint rollers, still in the plastic. Duh. So he tosses them in the trash pile. Grrr. It annoys me but what can I do? So I made the blackened chicken sandwiches on the grill pan in the house on Saturday since it was still pouring down rain at 9:30pm. Made the pasta sauce all day on Sunday in the crockpot & cooked up some spaghetti while dh made the garlic rolls. EXCEPT, I didn't buy any rolls and forgot (can you believe that!) to make the dough ... so we pulled out 6 mini croissants from the freezer and used them. We even made them in the toaster oven! Hehe. They were good. Also made a salad that half the lettuce came from my garden (woohoo!!!). So it's Monday and I was all set to do the bus thing today. But now they call for major rain again this evening AND are saying that the gas average for South Florida is $3.99. I did notice that the gas station down the street was 2 cents less a day after I put my measly $20 in ... I don't know what it is now, a week later but I suppose I'll go put another $20 in today. OH - ds is apparently meeting with a record company and their producer Tuesday (next week, I think!) This is great news. They've met with someone before (in Europe, can't remember the exact name of the company, think it was Warner) and was suppose to meet with someone in Mexico but something happened with that. I'm excited! Speaking of sons, be sure to keep an eye for my "Priceless" recommendation commercial for Mastercard! Keep eyes open for this weeks menu & recipes and have a great Monday!!


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