Menu for 6-16 to 6-22

Since I've fallen a bit off the wagon as far as the sticking with the plan aspect: Monday - Pizzas - original plan was to do homemade, but ended up picking up 2 at BJ's for $8.99 & $9.99 ... really need to stick with the plan! Tuesday - First, baked taters, then hamburgers & brats and THEN - OUT to Sweet Tomatoes! Crap! Wednesday - Burgers ... in the electric skillet as it was pouring down rain ... ended up making some cheapo noodles by Lipton (chicken flavor) which I do NOT recommend Thursday - Chicken Tortilla Pie - yeah! Everything went according to plan, made in the toaster oven that I got a few weeks ago. First time I've used it & knocked off 5 minutes from the behemoth oven :) Friday - blackened chicken sandwiches - I am so hoping that it's not raining this evening. Would really like to have some quality pool time with dh and grill. Saturday - left this open as not sure if we are boating or whatnot. Could be bratwurst. Could be steaks. Could be sandwiches! :) Sunday - Pasta - hopefully I will have time to make my sauce during the day.


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