The grocery sales papers came out yesterday and today. Tonight, I sat down & went through them and made a list for each store and then attached the list to each sales paper with a paperclip. I am bound & determine to stick with it this week!! As I type that, I remember that I have to get milk which is NEVER on sale!! Bummer. It’s been a tough week. I don’t know why, other than the fact that I’ve slept til 6:30 or 7am every day since the kids don’t have to be up at 5am to get ready for school. It’s really thrown me for a loop … I just don’t have enough time to do everything in the morning now … need to get my new routine down & quick. I had a menu set for the week. I only deviated it and we ate mostly leftovers this week. Chili and hot dogs on Sunday, chili cheese dogs on Monday, Tuesday was grilled cheese & chili, Wednesday was pasta & chili (still have chili!!!) and tonight I made chicken thighs broccoli & wild rice (nice of a change!) But I need to be sure to put the chili in freezer tomorrow. Friday was originally going to be a stay home day. Clean house. Cook. Hang out in pool. Then I thought I better do my shopping as it’s Fathers day weekend AND we will probably be on boat. Plus ds has a hair cut appointment at 3pm (yahoo! He’s getting it cut, not short, but shorter!!!). AND dd’s best friend will be staying the week next week while her mom is out of town so that will be an extra teen to feed. Not a big deal, but still. Saturday and/or Sunday will be boating days. DH wants to go out on Sunday, even though we don’t normally since it’s a pain to clean boat, put everything away etc. He’s just to anal to deal with that stuff. But whatever, if he wants to go both days, we will. We still wanted to get to JC Pennys as they had polos on sale and he is in dire need of new ones for work. BUT I don’t think that’s going to happen. Offered to swing by while running around tomorrow and I was told that I don’t know what he likes in a polo. Hmmm. We’ve been together since 1982. What do you make of that? Then again, just found out, in the past year, chunky tomatoes cooked are icky. Hmmm. Now that was something! Needless to say, the chili no longer has chunky tomatoes. I’m thinking this is the start of mid-life crisis … just kidding!!! My lettuce is really starting to come in…I’m so excited. The tomato plants are growing too … I’ve even got little blooms Woohoo!! Just in time with the stupid tomato recall going on! The mint is out of control, and the cilantro keeps trying to flower (even though I keep pinching it back!) and the basil is luscious. Green onions are doing the same as always, growing tall. The largest sunflower is finally open & yellow. Dd is so thrilled. Ok, I have to go pick up the kids at a friends, they’ve been playing wii all night long I bet!!


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