Gardening: Sunday, drove by home depot (after dropping dd off at work & on way to music store for ds to get guitar strings) to get a few bags of dirt to replant a few things in garden containers. Ended up buying 2 tomato plants also. I usually try to use my seeds but well, I’m just impatient and yes, it was a spontaneous purchase. Planted them in 2 large pots that I got from hardware store a few weeks ago (dirt cheap!) and replanted the green onions & basil also. Moved all over to under the cabbage palm tree by the fence. My thoughts are that the tomatoe plants usually get cooked by the summer sun. So hopefully begin that they will get filtered sunlight from the tree and still be able to get the rain, they will do ‘ok’. I will let you know! While on the boat on Saturday, I noticed a house on the east side of the intracoastal (meaning the dock has full west exposure) that the dock was full of garden pots. No, not flowers, tomatoes & such. They had the cages made out of what looked to be chicken wire, shaped in a square shape to match the pots. I was very very impressed. We are off the intracoastal too, but 2 houses in on a smaller canal, this house was full intracoastal, which equates to big bucks! J Meaning: even the wealthy are considering growing their own food in these tough times. I have to tell you, while at home depot, I was amazed (and impressed) at the number of people buying veggie plants. A lot of younger urban type couples. Could it be the home grown revolution is taking over?? J Update on Gardening The basil, cilantro and mint plants are doing really well. I replanted the basil into a little bit bigger pot but nothing large and moved it over to the fence with the tomatoe plants and the green onions (in a small terracotta pot). The cilantro & mint are still on the pavers by garage entrance but in the shade of this large (non-edible) plant. The tomatoe plants are growing taller. Will have to evaluate how I can tie them up to the fence as they grow. I’m guessing with pantyhose pieces? Oh. I don’t even have any hose!! I’ll figure something out, I’m sure! The green pepper seeds that I had tossed in to the large pot of dirt (didn’t really even bury them) have taken off like crazy and I have 4 or 5 that are very tall & will most likely produce peppers. I’ve been weeding the smaller plants out (not keeping as I don’t know where I would put them) so as not to crowd them too much. I think that is always my problem with container growing. The lettuce is doing terrific!! I planted another thin row on either side of the main one that is already growing to keep the season going. The fresh rain & late afternoon sun is doing great for them! I can’t wait to start trimming & trying (think baby greens!) I saw something kind of cool and interesting that I’m gonna try. Take those cinderblocks with the 2 holes on the sides. Lay them with hole facing up and down. Fill partial with dirt, add seeds/plant & fill remaining with dirt. This was used with romaine lettuce. Awesome idea!!! I brought 3 small plastic containers in for my co-worker. One with mint, one with cilantro and one with basil. She was thrilled and was adding to her lunch last time I checked. It’s good to share! Now if I could just keep the cat from leaving me presents & gifts. Not ON the plants, but in the general area. I think he’s leaving them cuz he knows I’m always out there puttering around & will see them. Nice Kiki, but not necessary!


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