Teriyaki Sauce - review

Picked this up at Costco on Monday. Large bottle, 33.8 ounces. Cost $5.99. It was part of a demo for frozen popcorn chicken pieces. Didn’t buy the chicken but really liked the sauce. It’s not watery. More like a little syrup type mixture. Sweet, but not overly so. Has a nice teriyaki flavored, not all soy sauce like some of the other brands. Also eliminates that huge sodium flavor. I would definitely buy this again. Here’s how I used it: Cooked up some white rice (in chicken broth) Grilled onions, canned shrooms (all I had) and red peppers Grilled sirloin steak Cut up onions, peppers & steak, served over the rice & drizzled with the teriyaki sauce at the table. Even dd ate it, and she is not a meat person. Made sure to make a small bowl to toss in freezer and that’s what I’m taking for lunch today.


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