Iced Tea

I admit it, my dh is addicted to the Lipton diet citrus green tea. I pick it up at Costco as they seem to have the ‘best’ price for it. Still not cheap but better than the regular stores. I do make tea though for everyday … the Lipton stuff is for weekends on boat, outside working around the house, etc. Oh, and dd is addicted to it too. Here’s how I make my tea (not really rocket science but just to share) Fill container with cold water & nuke on high for 4 minutes. Add 2 green tea bags and 2 regular tea bags. Allow to steep 10 minutes or so. Pour tea into 64 oz (2 qt) jug (I use a recycled Simply Orange container) Add 2 to 4 packets of equal (see notes) and fill remaining with water. Shake & chill I also add flavored syrup occasionally instead of the equal sweetner. Raspberry is by far the favorite. Once in a while I will toss in a slice of lemon to the tea seeping or an orange, etc, but dh is not ‘crazy’ about that so I don’t do the fruit often. But he likes the flavored stuff. Not recommended for daily intake as it does get sweet.


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