Weekend Grocery trips

On Friday I was meeting a g/f for margaritas and thought I would swing in to Albertson's since it was within 3 blocks ... remembered to pack the cooler! :) For $50 I got roughly 14 lbs ground beef (70/30, not the greatest but heck, cheap, $1.68/lb), 8 bags frozen veggies (79 cents each), 3 lbs butter and 12 cans tuna (78 cents for solid albacore) ... I was happy. Spent $20 on margaritas then. Saturday was Publix. Spent $70 ... had over $25 in coupons. The best deals where the Mrs. T's perogies, 2 for $4, bought 3 boxes, had 3 coupons for $1 off. That will be dinner Monday night with fried cabbage & onions. Other good deal was the Gingerale with green tea, b1g1f, then a 50 cent off coupon. Each ended up costing around 45 cents for a 2 ltr. Not a great deal because it's soda and not really a necessity, but a fair deal!


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