Thursday 2-28 Over the weekend, I was a little ambitious before we had the car issue come up (will share later). I scrambled a dozen eggs, cooked one of my tubes of Aldi sausage and crumbled, layed out a dozen tortilla shells, grabbed a bag of cheese from the freezer & a jar of salsa from fridge, and made: Breakfast Burritos. After I rolled them up, I wrapped 3 in wax paper and the rest in plastic wrap. Wanted to do all in wax paper (for microwaving purposes) but the tape wasn’t sticking as well as I hoped. What a no brainer that was! Of course, dh & dd had to have a sample so only 10 got frozen. That’s what I’ve had for breakfast every morning so far this week. I may use the english muffins I have & make breafast sandwiches next. I have sausage patties, eggs, cheese, some ham slices (for dh) that would be easy to throw together. So the car issue: The boat has a ton of gas in the tank. DH wants to empty the gas out of it since he’s never ran it empty before & just would feel better. So we figured heck, 200 gallons of gas would tide me over for quite a while, especially since gas is peaking at $3.29 to $3.64 for regular (it’s higher in some areas, I know, this is just what I see on my trips). So we pumped out enough to fill my tank up. Told dh I wanted to drive my car to pick up dd at work, ‘just in case’. Sure enough, started it up, let it idle for a bit while I buckled up, and it stalled out. Wouldn’t start again. We pumped some gas out & it’s got a ton of water in it! YIKES!!!!! Need to empty the gas out, will change the fuel filter & put some stabilizer in the gas. If it clears it up, we will put it back in. Dh is just hoping that the water was from the very first 5 gallons we took from boat (said that he noticed some dirt in bottom of container in the 2nd batch and that’s why he wasn’t emptying it all the way). If that’s the case, we will be fine. If not, we are in huge trouble to empty the boat out! Been driving the tahoe all week. Things a monster. Sucks the gas. $40 didn’t even give me a ½ tank on Monday!!!! Grrrr. Went to urgent care today. Again, needed to get into a dr. and he’s not in this week. What is it with me & doctors??? Had bad bad pain all week in thumb and wrist to where it just aches & brings tears to my eyes. Looking at that sentence makes me wince. I’m not a whiner. I’m pretty tough and would never complain about a painful wrist, after what I’ve seen dh go through. But heck. It hurt! Sure enough, got some tendons that creak and pop. Serious inflammation (yeah, I thought it looked swollen). Now I got a brace on to isolate the thumb usage AND pain pills. 800mg ibuproferin & some other narcotic stuff to help me sleep at night. Hmmm. All I know is the brace hurts to wear, which dr warned me of since it’s got the thumb stabilized and I can’t write and barely type (made a lot of typos here that I’ve had to fix!!!) Dr visit $25 (copay for reg. dr visit is $20, er is $75 and urgent is $25) Meds $4.50 and $5 Brace $17 Total cost at pharmacy was $41.44. After using my $25 & remaining gift card, I paid 44 cents. Not exactly how I planned to spend my cards, but oh well. Better than $66 for a freaking painful wrist! Ok, so some of that was for the vitamins (b1g1f) and pads. But still. So I will wear brace for a few days or a week & see how it does. But geesh. DH & I won’t be able to go anywhere together. I have no idea what his new brace that he had made this morning looks like. Said it’s uncomfortable but will do the job. I guess that’s what matters.


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